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Jack Pine Budworm outbreak

Posted on February 15, 2016 at 11:00 AM

The Jack Pine Budworm has affected about 4500 acres in the Cass, northwest Morrison, northeast Todd, Wadena, Hubbard and Becker county areas in 2015.  This is a 1300 percent increase from data collected in 2014, and suggests the beginning of a 3 to 4 year outbreak of this insect.

"Mortality during and after a jack pine budworm outbreak is variable, but in general, a significant number of co-dominant and dominant trees will start to die after a couple of years of noticeable defoliation. If a stand is near rotation age and has undergone defoliation, it would be wise to regenerate that stand to minimize losses."  MN DNR

If you have mature Jack pines in the affected areas, this would be a good time to consider a timber harvest of these trees.  Call us to set up an appointment to assess your situation. 

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