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Timber Harvest Administration - The 8 Steps to a Successful Timber Harvest!

Never harvested trees before and not sure where to begin?  You've come to the right place!  We understand that harvesting timber is a rare event for most people, the stakes are high, and you want your land to retain it's aesthetic value!  With proper planning and consultation, many of the questions, concerns, and potential pitfalls can be successfully addressed.

Acting solely as agents for you, the landowner, we'll meet with you on your property, listen to your goals and concerns, and apply our working knowledge of the different woodland types to help ensure a successful and satisfying timber harvest. We utilize state of the art technology and time tested forest measurement techniques.  In addition, through a competitive bidding process, we get you top dollar for your timber products and steer you towards reputable and responsible timber harvesters.

A typical timber harvest includes the following services:
  1. Individual consultation with the landowner.
  2. Personalized sale design and timber volume appraisal
  3. Competitive sealed bid process
  4. Written contract preparation between purchaser and landowner
  5. Harvest unit and/or property lines marked prior to harvest.
  6. Monitoring of sale while in progress
  7. Tracking of harvested wood amounts and all necessary follow up paperwork.

Hiring a professional forester to oversee a timber sale is a great investment!  

"Research shows that woodland owners who seek professional advice often receive as much as 23 percent more for their trees and have a projected income stream from future sales of 120 percent more as a result of improved regeneration and stocking." ("National Woodlands" Magazine, Spring 2012 edition)

See our Timber Harvest FAQ's and what our clients have to say about our service!

“As a newer landowner, the prospect of a timber harvest was initially really intimidating. Itasca Woodland Services broke the process down for me, found the best price for my timber, and worked closely with me and the logger to ensure every aspect of the harvest was done in a manner that met my goals. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”     Ryan Gilligan

"Stan, Thanks for a great job administering and managing our timber sale.  I think it turned out very well!"   - Paul Maurer, Silvers/Maurer Family Forest