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Woodland Stewardship Plans 

You own woodland because you enjoy it!  But what is the proper way to manage it to accomplish your goals?  We can help answer those questions and provide you with a long range plan.  Your goals are the foundation from which we develop a Plan for you.

 In addition, having a Woodland Stewardship Plan (aka Forest Stewardship Plan) written by a certified professional is required in Minnesota to enroll in financial incentive programs like the “Sustainable Forest Incentives Act” (SFIA) or to change your tax classification to 2c Managed Forest Land". These two financial incentive programs are very popular, and most landowners can recover the cost of the Stewardship Plan in the first year or two of enrollment! For a FREE cost/benefit analysis simply send an email with your property's parcel number(s) and mention the county it is located in. We'll get back to you promptly!

We just surpassed 70,000 Stewardship Plan acres!

That's equivalent to over 109 square miles!  Over 600 landowners just like you have trusted Itasca Woodland Services to develop a land  management plan for their property.  Contact us today to get a Woodland Stewardship Plan for your property!  

GREAT NEWS!     On August 25th, 2016, the DNR rolled out a new cost share funding opportunity for people interested in obtaining a Woodland Stewardship Plan for their property.  You can receive $300 towards the cost of your Plan.  Click here for a list of local DNR forestry offices to find out more.

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